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The Spiritual Side Of Life

Spiritual Aspects of Reality Creation

Every object in the world around you is a miracle – every action your body takes, every breath, every heartbeat, every piece of food digestive – is a miracle.

The fact that you can think, learn, and create is a miracle. The fact that we as species have the capacity to understand the world around us at the atomic level is a miracle. The fact that we can create the most wonderful artworks, and that we can conceive visions and bring them into reality, is a miracle.

But what is it that drives all of these things? It is, in short, vitality, the life force – aka spirit, soul, life energy, higher power, or divine energy… Or you can fill in your own word for it here.

However, being spiritual, by which I mean having a sense of your connection with the energies and powers beyond yourself, isn’t actually essential for manifestation.

But it’s going to make it a lot easier if you have sense of spirituality. That’s because everything that you manifest on this planet is produced by your connection with the cosmic intelligence.

But even so, if you simply write your goals every morning over and over for a long period of time, you’re quite likely to manifest many of them. There’s no spirituality involved in that!

In other words, it’s perfectly possible to manifest something without ever investigating the world of spirit, spiritual connection or soul-based work. And indeed there are many people who deny that any kind of spirituality exists.

Yet for those who do believe, it is beyond our capacity to express in words. We access spirituality through meditation, or through transpersonal experiences perhaps induced by breath work, or psychotherapy, or even great moments of energetic flow in the presence of magnificent artwork or music.

And when we experience moments of connection with the divine – as can happen in meditation – there’s an understanding that comes which simply tells us that we really are part of something much bigger than ourselves, yet at the same time, we are a part of this great energy. (A perfect basis for manifestation, let it be said.)

Video – Manifestation and Spirituality

Video – Connection With The Divine

Experiences like this can raise many profound questions, including the fundamental ones: who am I, and what am I?

Obviously you have a physical body, in which your soul or spirit resides, but you also have a rich emotional life and a rich mental life, which may or may not be located in some sense within the brain, or which may be epiphenomena of the brain’s activity.

The power of the mind is only dimly beginning to be understood by scientists working in the field. Its power is almost unlimited: indeed, the mind is the most expansive part of each and every one of us, the most wonderful and miraculous source of everything we wish to manifest – or at least, the mechanism by which it can be manifested.

And you can consciously enter the world of your spirit by turning inwards, and using processes like meditation and visualization to gain access to a different way of being in the world.

It may be that when you do this, you realize the truth of the saying which goes something like this: “We aren’t physical beings having a spiritual experience from time to time, we are spiritual beings having a constant physical experience.”

Many texts over the years have  emphasized the need for us to live a spiritual life, or at least for us to have a spiritual aspect to our lives.

Law of Attraction
You are a part of the universal mind

The reason for this is that living with some kind of spiritual practice reminds us that God, the Universal Intelligence, the Cosmic Consciousness, the Power Greater Than Ourselves, the Vital Force, the Great Mystery, The Oneness, or whatever you choose to call it, is all knowing, all-powerful, and omnipotent as well as omnipresent.

And, as you probably know, what that means is that this force is part of you, within you, around you, and you are part of that force.

Clearly the more easily you can connect with The Universal Intelligence, the more easily you’ll be able to manifest what you want. That’s because access to the level where your subconscious mind can communicate with universal energy is much more readily available to you.

And so it’s a good idea to have a daily spiritual practice of some kind which can help you to remember who you truly are – a vital part of the universe around you.

Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire Course, from where these ideas are taken, talks about his spiritual practice, which, over the years, has changed from a period of simple affirmations every morning to deep relaxation, energetic awareness, guided meditation, creative visualization.

You can find your own spiritual practice easily enough if you set out with the intention to do so. There are so many options that it’s difficult to list even a small selection of them here, but my own practice is to stand in the garden every morning and thank each of the archetypes that I feel active within me – The Lover, The Warrior, The Magician, and above all The Sovereign, who directs my life.

Practicing gratitude is also important to me, because this makes me aware that no matter how I might feel about the world, or see the future of the world, I have far more things to be grateful for than despondent about.

(As you might recall, gratitude is thought by many to be an essential element of successful manifestation.)

I haven’t yet tried consciously praying to God, asking him, as Marc Allen does, “What is your will?” But it sounds like a good exercise to try, opening up a channel of communication between me and the universe around me, allowing me to listen to my intuition, and perhaps also to the voice of The Universe, speaking through my subconscious, and offering me inspiration and guidance.

This seems to me to be an essential element of the process of manifestation. Sure, as I said above, you can manifest things without a spiritual practice, but why deny your wholeness as part of the universal energy? Surely we are meant to experience this as part of our lives?

Marc Allen, although I have never met the man, has served as an inspirational guide to me in many ways.

Not least of these is the way in which he frames his goals and objectives: he offers the example of five goals which were important to him at the time that he wrote the book – as long ago as 2003!

When he reflects on them, or offers them up to the universe, however you want to put it, he always precedes thinking of them with the following words:

In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the highest good of all I pray …

  • I am doing God’s will, guided by spirit every moment. This is enlightenment.
  • My company to continues to grow, reaching $ X in sales and $ X in profit this year.
  • My books have a great impact in the world. I take a quantum leap in my writing success, selling over X copies of my books over the next two years.
  • My music is expressed beautifully, with grace, ease, and lightness. It takes a quantum leap in its success in the world and impersonal satisfaction.
  • My marriage and family life, and times alone, are sources of great joy, grace, ease, and lightness.

And at the end, Marc offers up the following invocation: “This, or something better, is now manifesting, in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all.”

In this way, Marc talks about his increasing awareness of the phenomenal power of prayer. And although he never uses the word manifestation, or at least I don’t recall him using the word manifestation, he is certainly using the process of co-creation with the power of the universe – and that is, to me at least, is another word for the process of manifestation.

Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction

Steve Pavlina

Steve is one of the most thoughtful commentators on manifestation and the Law of Attraction. (The Law of Attraction expresses the spiritual and practical principles which control manifestation.)

He has raised some interesting questions about certain aspects of Law of Attraction theory that most people tend to avoid.

Law of Attraction
What happens when two of you have conflicting intentions?

For example, what happens when people put out conflicting intentions? What will manifest? This might be when, for example, two people want the same objective but apparently only one of them can have it.

And another question that many people wonder about is whether or not children who are abused are being abused because they intended this in some way. (After all, isn’t that what Law of Attraction says – you get what you think about?)

And what about a situation where you’re trying to improve, let’s say, your relationship with your partner – but he or she doesn’t seem very interested in manifesting a better relationship.

Does That Negate Law of Attraction? 

To answer that question, Steve refers to a concept he calls “subjective reality” to explain these challenges with the Law and how it attracts reality to you….

What he means by subjective reality is that there’s only one source of intentions in your universe – and that’s you.

Here’s the basic (and radical) idea behind this theory: all the people you interact with in the world,  and all the things you observe,  exist inside your consciousness – which, if you think about it, is exactly how dreams operate.

Steve makes it clear that he is referring to “you” as the single consciousness in which your entire reality is currently taking place.

To understand this better, think of a dream which occurs during your sleep – as you know the entire dream occurs within your consciousness.

In the same way, “your” entire world (as you perceive it) is occurring within your consciousness during everyday life.

Everything in your consciousness is created by you! Which may mean you are ultimately responsible for it being there....
Everything in your consciousness is created by you! Which may mean you are ultimately responsible for it being there….

So how does this explain the idea of two people putting out conflicting intentions, both trying to use Law of Attraction principles to get what they want (e.g. the same job)?

The answer seems to be that this is an entirely internal conflict within you.

To put it simply, while you hold the image in your mind (or the thought if you prefer), that both people want the same thing, and at the same time you believe only one can have it, the overall intention you’re putting out to the universe is now competition.

And therefore what you’re actually creating and manifesting with the Law of Attraction in this situation is competition – because, as you know, in its simplest form the principles of attraction mean your thoughts attract similar energies.

Therefore if you put out thoughts of competition, that’s what you get back. 

This point of view puts the responsibility for whatever is manifested in your world firmly and squarely on you. To the extent, perhaps, that if you think about war, poverty, and disease, that’s exactly what YOU are manifesting.

Yet at the same time, in some way this is obviously true: when you think about those things you REALLY are manifesting them in some way in your consciousness.

What about the situation where you want your relationship to improve, but your partner doesn’t seem to be very interested in that happening?

Well, Steve says that here you’re projecting one intention for yourself and one for your spouse, and these intentions are not compatible. (You want harmony, but he or she is not interested. Result – conflict.)

And so the principle here is that because you attract what you think about, you will create conflict with your spouse by thinking about this very outcome.

So what’s the solution? How can you manifest what you want?

Manifestation is a natural, universal gift
You hold the universe in your hands

The answer rests on you taking responsibility for your thoughts.

For example, if you want peace in the world, then it’s necessary for you to think of peace in everything that occurs in your consciousness.

If you want abundance, then it’s necessary to create thoughts of abundance for everyone in your consciousness.

And to stop any further creation of things you don’t want, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything you’re experiencing in your reality right now and then assume that you can change that by redirecting your thoughts.

Phew! This really is a far out view of the responsibility you take on when you’re creating reality with Law of Attraction.

For me, it brings to mind the old saying “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.

The essence of this theory is that you can begin creating the reality you actually want in your life by making clear decisions and holding clear intentions about what you desire.

At the same time, you MUST avoid paying any attention to the things you don’t want in your consciousness or your reality.

And to do that, you need to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions equally.

Not only do you have to change your thoughts, but when you feel negative, you have a responsibility to change any bad feelings into something positive. So you substitute optimism for fear, hope for despair, pure energy for anger, and so on.

If you want to read more about this you can do so here.

Quieting the Mind

When I’ve been trying to manifest anything, I’ve observed something interesting, both in myself and others.

Ready for it? Here it comes: a busy mind can get in the way of you being able to produce the state of mental energy necessary for successful manifestation.

I’m beginning to think that perhaps this is one of the most important reasons people fail to manifest anything, no matter how hard they try.

About Brain Frequencies

We know that meditation and visualization,  as well as prayer and reflection, and many other types of mental “discipline” too, for that matter, cause the brain to slow down.

Or, to be more exact, these practices cause the brain’s electrical activity to slow down to a rhythm of between 7 and 12 cycles per second. This is called alpha wave activity.

By contrast, normal brain activity takes place above 12 cycles per second. This is called beta wave activity.

So there is something different about the electrical activity of the brain when we are in the right state to visualize a desired outcome.

Now nobody really understands what this slowing down of the rhythm of the brain really represents, but we don’t need to know that.

What we need to know is that this slow rhythm – the alpha wave frequency – produces a mental state in which we are capable of looking inwards, and connecting with the forces beyond ourselves.

Those higher brain frequencies – the beta wave frequencies – direct our attention outwards into the world around us.

And to achieve the alpha wave state that is necessary for connecting with the elemental forces of the universe that are responsible for manifestation, it’s necessary to have a slow brain frequency…. And that, in turn, is produced by relaxation or meditation.

It’s not produced – in fact you can’t be in an alpha wave state – when you’re thinking busily or frantically about what’s going on in your world, or when you’re anxious, or responding to stimulate in your environment.

So the question is for all of us, how can we slow down our brain activity and come to a place of calmness and centeredness, from which we can manifest whatever we wish to create in our lives?

Many Techniques Are Available

And of course the problem we all face is that quieting the mind is not easy. Yet it is essential to manifest anything successfully.

So your normal everyday mind is very busy, and likes to analyze and think about how things work; it likes to reflect on what’s happened, consider new possibilities; and perhaps above all else, it likes to worry about what might be going to happen in the future.

Stopping this happening – stopping the “babble” – can be frustrating, but the rewards are worthwhile.

One technique suggested by Lenedra Carroll in her book The Architecture Of All Abundance (a book which is essentially about manifestation) is to take one issue or person, one question or topic that you want to illuminate, and to write it on a piece of paper – and then to lay it in front of you.

But rather than actively thinking about it, she suggests that you let your thoughts drift and become more abstract.

Every time that you find yourself becoming agitated or thinking about the matter, she suggests that you “go to a place in your mind where the matter can exist in a state of great possibility and peace.”

The aim is to experience the question or the issue on more subtle levels – but for no longer than 10 or 15 minutes – after which you should leave it for a time, allowing a day to pass before you sit with it again.

She recommends that in the meantime you train your mind away from the thought each time it comes up…. and of course, as you know, if it is an obsessive thought, this will happen a lot!

The point of the process is this: slowing the body and slowing the thoughts will effectively create a space between the constant input of the busy mind.

And into that space will come new ways of looking at existing patterns and problems… and from that will come new ideas – and perhaps also an opportunity to look at the body’s response to the situation as well. (For, when it comes to these matters, the body never lies.)

If you like, this is daydreaming:  but daydreaming for a purpose – to allow you to develop a technique to quench the flow of continuous, rapid mental activity.

Or if you prefer to put it another way, to break a habit (incessant thinking) which can be relentless – and replace it with a state of mind in which you have the possibility of entering into communion or contact with the inner realm, the one responsible for manifestation.

Grounding Yourself Is Essential Too!

I believe it’s fair to say that without some mental technique – be it meditation, deep relaxation, self hypnosis, or some other aid to shifting your mental energy from activity to quietude – you are probably not going to be successful in manifesting whatever it is that you want.

The simplest method of doing this is to purposefully and slowly relax your body as much as possible before you start trying to visualize your desired outcome.

Video – Creative Visualization 

If you watch this video you will see the emphasis on several aspects of the process that are going to make manifestation much easier for you

1) visualizing when you’re in a relaxed state of mind – for the reasons that I described above

2) imagining your desired outcome so vividly that it could almost be real 

3) the power of using all of your senses in your imagination

4) the need to do this every day of your life!

5) the need to TAKE ACTION AS WELL!

Manifestation Isn’t Working – What to Do (2)

More on Michael Mackintosh’s exciting new view of manifestation.

This post continues on from this here, where you can read about the first two illusions which stop manifestation working, click the link above.

Video: Michael Mackintosh

Here, we talk about two more factors you need to know about when you’re using the Law Of Attraction to manifest anything.

Number 3: Constantly obsessing about what you want will stop that thing manifesting for you.

We’re all told that to manifest anything, we have to visualize and think about the things we want pretty constantly.

Well, Michael’s view of the process is rather different. He says that he finds it works better when he first of all gets clear about his heart’s true desires. Then surrenders to the divine. And then he lets go of any desire to have the thing(s) he is trying to manifest.

He says that’s when the magic happens, that’s when things become attracted to him.

What I think he’s referring to here is a state of mind that a lot of people have spoken of when they’ve been successful in manifesting.

It’s that moment of absolute “knowing”, a moment when you absolutely know that the universe has heard you, and will be manifesting your desires very soon.

And that is a moment at which you can actually let go of your desire.

Sure, I’m saying that the knowing comes first and the letting go comes second, but I rather suspect that we’re talking about the same thing.

He sums this up elegantly by saying, quite correctly, that it’s one thing to imagine you have a nice car, and you’re feeling good because you are daydreaming about it, and quite another to feel happy and contented with the way things are right now, regardless of whether or not you’ve manifested that car in your life.

That’s a beautiful analogy, a beautiful way of putting it; in fact, it sounds a bit like experiencing a state of Grace. And he says that manifestation won’t work if your desire is to merely get stuff.

Well, again, I’m not sure I agree with that. But let’s agree on one thing: you should only be trying to manifest those things which your heart truly desires.

So what can you do about the paradox between the two methods for manifesting which are taught by various law of attraction “experts”:

  1. Those who tell you to focus on something with a “burning desire” and
  2. Those who tell you to “completely let go of attachment to whatever it is that you want”.

Not an easy dilemma to solve! Indeed, a complete paradox! Maybe the common factor here is whether you are trying to manifest something from your heart and soul, rather than from your ego?

Maybe, if you actually have reached a point where you know what you actually need (and want) to manifest for your good and for the good of all concerned, the question of burning desire and/or letting go become irrelevant.

Perhaps at that level of knowledge, your intention is enough.

But  indeed, surrendering and releasing your desires is not so easy. Michael offers an interesting idea to check that you’re on the right track when trying to manifest something.

He says that actually once you’ve experienced – in your imagination – the acquisition of something that you want, one thing you can do is visualize it in a magic bubble floating up to the universe or God, and you saying to God: “Here, take this dream… If it’s for the highest good of all send it back [i.e let it manifest]. If not, send me something else. I’m open to whatever is the greatest service for all.”

I like that idea – and interestingly enough, a lot of people who try to learn the art of manifestation will tell you that often what appears in their world is not what they intended to get, but something which appears to serve them better in the long run.

Maybe the key here is really identifying your true desires, the ones which lie in your deepest soul. Perhaps that, ultimately, is what the universe wants to manifest for you.

Number 4: You have to work at what you want.

I’ve never believed that the Law of Attraction will manifest anything unless the person who is trying to achieve it is willing to take action.

But I don’t believe it has to be massive action, as Michael suggests.

I think any action which indicates to the universe that you’re serious about getting what you want is enough. He calls this “engaging” with the world.

And he mentions another paradox: on the one hand surrendering your desires to the highest good of all, and on the other making things happen.

Well, it’s only a paradox if you believe it’s a paradox. Let’s see how this fundamental aspect of manifestation can be resolved.

I can imagine it’s quite easy to let go of desire and attachment and at the same time rest in a place of faith and certainty that what I want is going to appear – and that’s why taking action seems like a good idea!

According to Michael, when you finally know what you really want from a soul based place, the universe is going to start sending you ideas, guidance and opportunities. Those signs are indications that things are working for you. And at that stage, you have to actually do something.

Of course nothing is complete without an action plan, so Michael kindly provides us with precisely that!

Manifestation and Action In The World

His three step system to make things happen is as follows:

1 Download Your Ideas & Prioritize

Which basically means write everything that you’re doing, everything you want, and all the indications, signs and signals from the universe which you receive, on paper.

You’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule – basically it says that 20% of your activities produce 80% of your results. If that’s true, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it is, then you will get more results with less work by looking at the action steps you’re taking, and working out which ones are part of the 20% of your activities which are serving you best.

Obviously if you focus all your manifestation energy on that 20% of your activities, you’re going to save energy, get a lot more done, and achieve better results.

Michael offers three questions to help you decide what are the most important things you need to be doing in your life:

  • If I only had two hours per week to work on making my dreams come true – what would I do?
  • What actions can create the biggest impact with least effort?
  • What actions will move me towards my dreams the fastest?
  • What needs doing first, and then in what order do other things need to be done?

It’s a simple and straightforward plan, but it’s a very practical one, and it’s going to make a massive difference to your efficiency and effectiveness from the moment you start applying it.

But there’s more! You also need to be asking yourself if the actions you’re taking are directly moving you closer to the manifestation of your dreams.

There’s no better example of this than the way that the Internet can distract people from their true objectives: do you spend your time writing or learning, or do you spend your time on Facebook, or watching silly videos of cats crawling into holes on YouTube?

Of course certain things are tedious, and yet need to be done. Somethings are difficult, and need to be done. Some things are very routine, but need to be done.

Those are not distractions – they are necessary activities if you are trying manifestation with serious intention.

What you really need to avoid are things that just distract you from profitable and purposeful activities which serve you and your end result.

By discarding things that are not helpful to you right here, right now, you can have a much better life than the one you’ve got.

2 Knowledge Is Power

A lot of people think they can use the Law of Attraction for manifestation regardless of their level of knowledge and skill.

The truth of the matter might be a bit different: if you read through reports of people who’ve been incredibly successful in life, and who got what they wanted, you almost always find that one part of their success was an avid search for knowledge.

They were passionate about learning how to do things, about other people’s experience, about exploring points of view and information that would help them gain greater insight and understanding.

The question for you in trying to manifest your desires is: what skills do you need, and what systems do you need to set up?

3 Set up a Mastermind Success Team

Again and again, if you read about manifestation, you’re going to come across the concept of a mastermind group.

This is about being supported by people can help you get what you want. Because you need support from people who understand what you’re trying to achieve, and who have themselves walked the path that you are walking.

Find people who inspire you, and follow their example. Establish relationships with the people whom you admire. Live with people who are incredibly successful. Take an apprenticeship with people who are successful.

Do whatever it takes to be around those who have the qualities and the success you want. Just by being in their energy you will find that you are uplifted on every level, and many more possibilities open up to you.

Mastermind groups are particularly useful, because they are an alliance of people who have come together to help each other achieve a particular objective. When you’re passionate about each other’s success and well-being, you can find success wherever you are.

Manifestation Isn’t Working – What to Do (1)

Like so many people, when he first tried to use it, Michael Mackintosh discovered that the Law of Attraction didn’t manifest anything for him – no matter that he really needed help!

At one stage in his life he found himself lying on his bedroom floor crying for hours at a time after a relationship breakup, unable to pay his rent. And although he practiced meditation, he was simply not getting any results with techniques supposed to manifest reality.

Fast forward six months – and he’s living his dream life in Hawaii and he’s in a fantastic relationship.

Like he says, “It was such a shocking upgrade, I wasn’t honestly sure if I was awake or dreaming.”

(Mind you, many people who have had success in manifestation with the Law of Attraction will recognize that reaction!)

But many more people fail to get results than actually succeed.

So despite the fact that The Secret has sold hundreds of millions of copies worldwide, it hasn’t really changed many people’s lives.

Yet as Michael says, his life has just got better and better; his partner is a “no drama” kind of girl, and she co-creates a beautiful life with him.

As a result of his gratitude, he’s made it his mission to serve as many people as possible so that they can create their dream life too. Well, this sounds like a guy who’s worth listening to!

New Laws to Change Your Life

First and foremost, we have to understand that the reason manifestation succeeds so rarely (come on, you know it’s true!) has nothing to do with the Law of Attraction – but everything to do with the way people use it.

They are missing some critical pieces of the “creation conundrum”.

Indeed, Michael says that the fundamental thing that’s missing for most people when they try and manifest a new life is an understanding of how what they are doing with the law of attraction fits into the universal laws of creation and existence.

He believes lots of people believe they only have to think about what they want – and they believe that’s enough to make it happen. Well, that’s not true!

And he then launches into a summary of how the Law of Attraction is usually taught – which is the simple formula Ask – Believe – Receive.

But it’s quite obvious this isn’t the whole story! It doesn’t work (or at least, it doesn’t work reliably)!

And to show how it’s not the whole story, Michael lists 4 results of using what he calls “traditional” Law of Attraction methods (Ask – Believe – Receive) to manifest things.

Manifest Success – Or Not!

1 The first is that some people have hit and miss success. Their results are unreliable and inconsistent.

2 The second is that people don’t manifest anything, no matter how hard they tried.

3 The third is that some people have “unpleasant side-effects” which manifest alongside the things they wanted!

And indeed, this is a real outcome to a lot of people’s attempts to manifest. They use a technique which leaves them somehow worse off than they were before… either spiritually, or emotionally, or even financially. Not great.

4 The fourth is actually more to do with the person trying to manifest than the laws of manifestation and attraction: some people simply can’t control their thoughts – particularly if they’re depressed or miserable. In fact, most people have a hard time mastering their thoughts, period!

So Michael’s key to making the Law of Attraction work is to set out what he calls a “new method”:

Ascend – Discover – Surrender – Engage

This means there are four essential elements to the process of manifestation.

Number 1: The Law of Ascension

He’s quite right in saying that we don’t all have the same capacity to manifest things. At least, not in the way we’ve been taught.

It’s obvious we don’t all get the same results from applying the same processes. Rather obviously, we’re not all on the same level of consciousness, or conscious evolution.

Indeed, he is quite right when he says that “if you already have a high level of consciousness you will be able to automatically receive manifestations even if you’ve never heard of the Law Of Attraction”.

We all know that people don’t have the same level of consciousness – it’s perfectly obvious when you simply look around you at the people in the world.

It’s not that some people are more naturally gifted or deserving. It’s simply that some people do indeed have a higher level of consciousness: they’ve done more personal work on themselves, and they have more inner power.

Michael is saying that we all need to raise our level of consciousness, and with it, our level of power, before we can use the law of attraction for manifestation successfully.

Video: Successfully Bring Your Wishes & Desires Into Being

Naturally enough, you’re probably wondering how you can do that.

He talks about four ideas:

  • being humble – that is, embracing humility.
  • surrendering to the divine – which seems to mean connecting with God or universal energy.
  • being loving to all life – where evolution leads you to a life that is aligned with the concept of service and loving others.
  • surrendering to the highest good for all.

Number 2: Ask For What You Really Want

But the problem with this idea is that many of us don’t actually know what we really want. You see, here we are talking about what people want at a soul level.

In other words, what would actually feed your soul, not your transient ego?

Furthermore, there is the very obvious fact that sometimes when you ask for something you do indeed get your outcome, but you may also get burned at the same time. And as we all know, that can be quite painful.

Not only that, but by asking for manifestation of those things you desire from a place of ego, you won’t have much energy to sustain the process. You will give up easily. These things lack power and motivation for you. Often they are just sops to the ego, or comforters to your own damaged inner child.

And frankly, if ego is what’s driving your life, then you’ll find that even if you get to your destination, you’ll also acquire more than a few problems along the way.

So the moral here is: only ask for the things that your heart really and truly desires, things that will serve you in your own growth and development.

Michael claims that your heart’s desire will always be related to sharing your gifts, and also to serving others, and making a difference in the world.

He claims that money, abundance and love come as a consequence of living your true heart desires. I’m not sure I completely agree with this – I think that’s rather an extreme position. But basically what he’s saying is: be driven by the things that feed your soul, not the things that feed your ego.

And in that, he’s quite right.


See the next post for more exciting insights on meditation, manifestation, and the Law Of Attraction. 

There are some truly astounding techniques coming up! All of which are designed to make your manifestation more successful and spiritually fulfilling….

Continued here

Putting It All Together

Making Creation Work

Some of the reason why manifestation doesn’t work include a lack of belief, a lack of emotional fuel to drive the process, and not taking action to move in the general direction of your intention.

You can manifest because you are a part of the universe
You are truly a unique manifestation of the divine

Yet there is another factor here, less spoken about than the ones above, but which might actually be more important.

It’s about taking your own uniqueness into account when you’re trying to achieve an outcome.

One of the most popular pieces of advice that you hear and self-development circles these days is “Be Yourself”.

What exactly does this mean? It sounds like an easy thing to do, and yet the minute we start interacting with anyone else, most of us find our behavior changes, often in ways which we don’t understand and probably don’t like very much either.

In a situation like that, are you “being yourself”? Hardly. And so when you start manifesting reality, perhaps with some very specific objectives in mind, how do you know that your objectives are the ones that actually will be right for you?

In fact, do you even understand the relationship between the objectives you choose and your chances of success at getting them?

The simple answer is “No, you probably don’t.” Very few people understand themselves well enough to know what their deepest values are.

Manifest reality

To have a false motivation for manifestation will trip you up in one way or another. To take an obvious, perhaps somewhat commonplace example, think of lottery winners. Why do you think it is that 90% of them end up with nothing after a comparatively short period of time?

The simple answer, of course, is that their basic values and beliefs about themselves don’t accommodate the concept of great personal wealth. That’s probably the most common and obvious example of how intention and outcome can conflict, but it’s one of millions upon millions more.


The simple and somewhat awkward truth is that if you’re trying to manifest anything which doesn’t match your basic beliefs and values about yourself and about the world, you’re not likely to be very successful.

How many of the unimaginable number of possibilities open to you are you trying to imagine, to manifest as reality?

One obvious way of looking at this is to say that there are infinite possibilities open to you in the future, but very few of them are likely to manifest, no matter how hard you try.

This is because they simply aren’t in line with your basic beliefs and values.

In other words, the probabilities that are open to you in the future are most likely limited by your experience up to this point.

Let’s pin this down to a specific example. It’s possible, but extremely unlikely, that you might become the next Hillary Clinton, Richard Branson, or Bill Gates. The probability is against it. You know that as well as I do. For one thing, if you are going to be any of those people, you wouldn’t be reading this book, you’d be living that reality.

Yes, we all have free will, and one of the great gifts we have is to choose a path for the future which matches up to our unique talents and abilities. And by following such a path, you increase the probability of your success at manifestation hugely.

This is about honouring your own skills, abilities, and in fact to put it another way, honouring your “extraordinary uniqueness”. (Thanks to Mike Dooley for this beautiful expression!)

By honoring your own extraordinary uniqueness, you open up many more opportunities for manifesting your reality. And the longer you live in accordance with your own values, beliefs, abilities and aptitudes, the easier life becomes.

Moreover, life becomes much more fulfilling, and the opportunities open to you within your particular realm of experience and ability open out enormously.

Life is never challenge-free; I think that such a state of being only exists among extremely enlightened people. But when you follow your own path, which basically means following your own heart, what you do have is much greater access to the kind of opportunities which would not otherwise arise. The kind of opportunities that are right for you.

Video: Mastering the art of co-creation

So does that imply we are all limited in some way? And is that view compatible with the view that we are all a part of the divine?

Well, listen up! First of all, we are indeed all a unique manifestation of the divine. Let me make that clear, right now.

But that doesn’t mean that we are all the same. We all have different skills and abilities, we all have different interests. And we most certainly have different values.

For example, if you like to be around and in connection with other people, then it seems natural to assume that manifesting a job which will allow you to work with people in some way is going to suit you better than manifesting a job where you’re isolated or perhaps working with machinery all day long.

Equally, if you have a particularly creative nature, then it’s most likely that finding a lucrative job working in the Arts is going to suit you a lot better than any job in an accountancy practice, no matter how lucrative.

Of course you still have the question of what branch of the Arts you’re going to work in, and what role you’re going take, but you’re basically on a path that is in line with your basic nature and values and beliefs.

And it follows also that if your basic motivation is to help people, then working in a job where you can actually be of service to others in some way is going to be more rewarding for you than working in a more directive or autocratic environment.

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What This Means In Your Life

What Does Manifesting Reality Mean For YOU?

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You are responsible for manifesting reality
You are responsible for your choices – no-one else

First and foremost, it means is that you need to be led by your understanding of yourself.

It means that the person who knows best what you should be doing is you.

It means that no-one else is going to rescue you.

It means that you’re responsible for your own life, and also for manifesting a better one.

And perhaps more than anything, it means that if you knew what you wanted to do you’d be doing it with a level of energy and excitement that would propel you far faster, and far higher, and far quicker than anything you could achieve in a position where you experienced little or no fulfillment.

A Personal Story Of Manifest Failure

Many years back, I took a job as an accountant with a multinational company, even though I’d always known that my real skillset lay in the fields of creative writing and literature. And a second skill set lay in connection and communication with people.

I took this job because I was making huge efforts to overcome my financial deficit. But I did this without considering the values and interests and beliefs that were important to me. In fact, I doubt whether I even had a glimmer of understanding of what was really important to me at that stage in my life.

And there’s nothing wrong with not knowing those things. The hard truth is that we all have to experience the world in many different ways before we can develop self-awareness and understanding.

So it’s inevitable that when you’re making your choices about what you want to have manifest, mistakes will happen, simply because you, like most people, will become more attuned to your fundamental needs as you grow older and gain more experience of life.

Manifesting A Poor Reality

Ah yes, back to me! I’m reminded that the Universe gifted me a job with a multinational company because there was something I needed to learn about life, the Universe and myself!

And it turned out, unsurprisingly, that the lessons I had to learn were about my need for freedom, my need to be independent, my need to express my creative self, my need to work with people of like mind, my need to create opportunities for people to heal and grow, and many more similar things.

By not respecting those needs, I was massively disrespecting myself. (And of course when I started to find ways of manifesting those things in my reality, I started to respect myself and honor my values, abilities and beliefs.)

Unsurprisingly, for as long as I worked for this multinational company, I also felt an incongruity between my deepest nature and what I was doing in the world.

Soothed by making good friends, and by being able to use my skills and talents in certain ways (mostly in developing better communications between departments), I stuck it out for 12 years. Of course, even all this time I was manifesting my reality – just not something very desirable….

Wayne Dyer’s Video About Creating Reality

But the universe gave me an opportunity to leave after 10, and I didn’t take it, so by the time my 12 years was up I was definitely withering inside, both spiritually and emotionally.

That was the point at which my self-respect demanded I leave the company, albeit with no idea of what I wanted to do in life, with very little awareness of my own emotional and spiritual needs, and very little sense of how I might gain control of my life and change it for the better.

The options I considered (though I am sure there must have been many more) were to get another job in the field of accountancy, to start writing a book, to travel while living off my redundancy money for a while, or to train as a therapist – which, although a long process, certainly would be in line with both my creative skills and my desire to help people in some way.

Cause and effect in manifestation
When you are in control, cause and effect are determined by what you do – not what anyone else does!

And in fact I went for a few interviews – mostly out of fear – for accountancy jobs. Happily for me, the Universe didn’t let me get any of them.

So I did a little bit of travelling, came home, discovered the Internet, started training as a therapist, did lots of writing for my new websites, all of which I built myself, and all of which were pioneering in their field. Altogether, this made me a great deal of money.

The fact is this: abundance can be found down almost any path you choose, but it may be at some cost to your soul unless that path also leads you to a place of personal fulfillment. That’s why you might want to find out what excites you the most, what resonates with the deepest part of you, and then find a way of developing this into a moneymaking venture (that is, if prosperity is your driving force for manifesting!)

Certainly this is a good way to live a life of joy: you’re working in an area you enjoy and which is personally fulfilling.

That means you tend to be good at it, or at least it’s more likely that you’ll be able to develop the skills to truly shine. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that even if you reach this happy stage, your life is going to be free of challenge and adversity.

It’s almost as though the Universe requires us to experience challenge so that we can grow. I’ve always maintained that you’re only given the challenges in life that you can cope with. And while at one level that’s manifestly true, there is a deeper meaning behind it.

To gain the skills, abilities and knowledge that you need to fulfill the hopes, desires and aspirations of the deepest parts of yourself may require you to overcome adversity, difficulty and challenges of one kind or another. This is the Universe’s way of allowing you to rise to another level of enlightenment and understanding. And thereby manifest a better, more desirable reality much more easily.

Be Selfish!

Be Selfish – It’s a Good Thing!

I know that’s not what most people will tell you. There’s a cultural taboo on selfishness.

Yet what I mean by selfishness is something different to what most people mean – I mean something like putting yourself first, and taking into account in your life choices your own needs, wishes and desires. I mean following your heart, and making sure that while you respect the rights and responsibilities of others, you don’t spend your life serving others at the expense of yourself.

You see, when you do something that fulfills your own needs and your innate desire to be happy, it will also almost certainly put smiles on faces of the people around you. Richard Bach put it rather nicely in his book Illusions: “Anyone who has ever given anything meaningful to the world has been a divinely selfish soul.” Does that shock you? In truth, the most important thing in your world is to express your own desires, wishes, needs and values. In short, to live authentically.

Self-Fulfillment Is Everything

You see, there’s something inherently disrespectful towards the universe about not becoming everything that you can truly be. The universe has given you a unique set of gifts and abilities, talents and skills, and it’s open to you to use them for the greatest joy and fulfillment that you can achieve in life.

You see, others can only keep you from happiness if you allow them to.

And yes, certainly compromise may be necessary if you’re in a relationship and the two of you want different things. Indeed, it may even be necessary for you to break up with a partner if you want very different things from life, and your mutual growth will be achieved by going separate ways.

The overall point is this: self-fulfillment is not just about material wealth – it’s about emotional satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment as well. And perhaps the best way to achieve this is to follow your heart wherever it leads you.

And of course, it might be wrong for you to lay waste to the world around you when you have some responsibility and commitment to that world. You can’t abandon children, for example, and you may not want to abandon your partner, and you may even feel responsible for sticking at your job. So under certain circumstances, “follow your heart” may not be a maxim that’s currently practical for you.

But if you have NO idea what you want to do in life, and if you aren’t going to jeopardize the well-being of your immediate circle, why not take a leap of faith? Why not move city, change your career, go back to university….. Or whatever?

Be sure that if you don’t honor your choices and preferences, then no-one else is likely to do so! The truth is, others don’t know what your heart is telling you, nor do they know the gifts you have which you’re not using, and they certainly don’t know what that inner voice has been whispering to you all these years.

Can you accept that your greatest responsibility is to be true to yourself? To express your natural talents and abilities, and to respect your preferences, values, and beliefs? By doing this you will increase your self-esteem, you will certainly increase the probability of getting what you want in life, and above all you won’t die with regrets about the things that you never dared to try.

Manifesting Your Desired Outcomes

Sidebar: Expect the Unexpected

As you may know, one of the things that seems to happen when you start manifesting reality is that you get unexpected results. Or you get something that you didn’t want. Or you get something that doesn’t match what you were programming for.

For sure, anyone who’s used the Law of Attraction to manifest anything will have had these experiences, and they can be very destructive of your belief and confidence in conscious creation if you don’t know why it’s happening that way.

Get what you want by manifesting your reality
Get what you want by manifesting your reality

Whenever you experience something manifesting that you didn’t think about, that you weren’t expecting, it’s almost always a necessary steppingstone, an intermediary stage, on the way to some other end result. As Mike Dooley puts it, these steppingstones represent the cursed hows – the things that we don’t have to worry about, the things we can leave to the universe.

When you think about most manifestations in your life, you might recognize that they were only made possible through a series of events that was so complicated and extraordinary it couldn’t have arisen “by chance” ,
but could only have been the product of some extraordinary cosmic force maneuvering events around to produce a particular outcome.

Manifesting A New Relationship

I remember when I was visualizing myself in a wonderful relationship with a soulmate. Many years ago this was, but I was spending my time imagining every afternoon for an hour or so what it would be like to be in a wonderful relationship… with juicy images of all the wonderful things that might flow from that happy state of being alive!

And then I decided to go on holiday to Greece. I booked my two-week slot at a wonderful retreat center, on the edge of the Aegean Sea, and sat back and relaxed in anticipation of the voyage to come. But before the journey even started, I had to cancel my booking and shift it forwards to the next two week slot because of some domestic problems (14 years on, to be honest, I can’t even remember what they were).

Long story short, when I got there I met my soulmate. It turned out that she had to “coincidentally” shift her two-week booking two weeks backwards because she’d been invited to a wedding unexpectedly.

Of course the consequence was that each of our two weeks’ holidays on this beautiful Aegean island occurred at the same time, and as they say, the rest is history. Fourteen years on we are still together and deliriously happy.

Now even that, simple though it sounds, involves a mindbogglingly complex series of events which the universe had to control and direct for the two of us to meet. Is it any wonder, then, that experts on manifestation advise us not to worry about “the cursed hows”?

Video: the cursed hows

It is, as Mike Dooley rightly says, very good evidence for all of us being part of the divine, connected in ways we can’t even imagine, and able to influence each other – and the world around us – so we get what we want … provided we have a clear intention, or outcome, and as long as we put energy into the process of manifesting it.

To repeat: the reason this might be EASY for you and me (and everybody else who’s doing it) is the fact that out of 8 billion people on this planet probably no more than 0.1% of the people alive today are seriously using their innate ability to manifest their reality.

So what are the other 99.9% of people doing? Yes, you got it.

And quite how easy it would be to produce our desired outcomes if 10% or more of the Earth’s citizens were manifesting, I leave to your imagination.

Manifesting Success Requires Passion

J K Rowling
J K Rowling

To illustrate this more clearly, think of J K Rowling. She is one of the world’s most successful novelists, a fact which testifies to two things: first of all, the fact that she lives and breathes her dream (to be a successful writer who entertains others). Second, that when she (or anyone) lives their dream, the universe provides them with the means to achieve end results beyond imagining.

You ARE What You think You Are

The way you’re living, what you do every day, what you’re passionate about, and in particular what you’re constantly thinking and speaking about, will bring to you not only people and circumstances which manifest those things, but it will also produce feelings which hasten the manifestation of those visions, dreams, and outcomes – which is why it’s essential you focus on the positive.

The universe provides whatever you need to manifest your thoughts, and therefore if you’re thinking negative thoughts, you face a real danger of bringing negativity into your life.

Sidebar: Many years ago I lived in a small town in England where an old lady was murdered by an intruder in her house. That isn’t an unknown event, sadly, but what’s interesting about the story is what had happened in the years leading up to her death.

Apparently she’d been phoning the local police station up to 10 times a day, living in a state of fear for several years, telling the police there was a man watching her house who wanted to kill her. Now, you might think those two events are connected; and so they are, but probably not in the way you would expect. Because the police went round to check on her and keep watch on her house many times, and there was never any suspicious character watching her house. In the end, it looks like this lady drew her own fate towards her by thinking about it intensively and continually for a period of many years. It’s a sad story, but let’s take it as a cautionary tale. Thoughts do indeed become things. And the “higher” your thoughts are directed, not only will the higher your evolution be, in spiritual terms, but the happier and more fulfilled your life will be… and of course you’ll be able to manifest things more easily as well!

You Really Do Get What You Pray For!

manifesting success does not depend on chance
Success and failure are not about intelligence – they are choices

How is it that “the rich keep getting richer”? Well, there isn’t, as far as I know, any connection whatsoever between wealth and intelligence. I’ve known that for a long time, because some of the richest people I’ve spoken to and worked with are, shall we say, not over-endowed with thinking and creative ability.

No, the real reason the rich get richer is because they have certain qualities the rest of us don’t: perhaps including an ability to imagine an end result that pictures their burgeoning wealth, or a level of self-confidence far higher than average, or a skill at following up opportunities which most of us lack, or perhaps they simply never doubted they’d be rich. Maybe it’s all of these things. Maybe it’s something else entirely.

But in essence you can guarantee that none of the rich people you are looking at, and perhaps envying, ever doubted that they would succeed. In the end. Of course, how many trials and tribulations they went through on their way to that success surely depends on their belief system (i.e. what they believe about the difficulty they would experience acquiring a fortune).

I think if you look at somebody like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Anita Roddick, founder of the body shop, Hillary Clinton, even Margaret Thatcher, you have to agree they most likely never experienced any doubt about their capacity to manifest a particular outcome. If you want inspiration, I highly recommend that you read biographies of these women and men.

One of the things they all had in common was inordinate self-belief – and, I might add, their self belief was pretty impregnable to other people’s dissenting views. They surrounded themselves by people who supported their visions and their actions. Yet they weren’t afraid to hear what other people thought (at least the people they trusted), or to listen to counsel from wise people and their mentors.

Video – Mike Dooley – thought become things

Let’s go back to where we were: how do you manifest success and happiness (and other juicy, desirable things) in your life?

Do you find manifestation easy, are you having success with it? Or do you say something like “I’ve tried and tried, and I just can’t get it to work!” or perhaps “Whatever I do I just can’t make enough money.”

You see the irony here? What you’re saying is actually a very accurate representation of what your end results are, and the beliefs you hold about yourself which might stop you getting them. (No money – no surprise – you just can’t make it!)

You can’t expect to make much money when you’re literally telling the universe that no matter what you do you can’t make money!

And you see the same principle at work among people who tell you that “I just can’t lose weight!” As Henry Ford once said, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right…”

We might well change this old maxim to “Whether you say you can, or you say you can’t, you’re right!” Your thoughts and your words and your deeds make you exactly what you are and dictate where you are going!

Perhaps the old maxim about having a positive mental attitude has a more fundamental truth to it than simply feeling good. Perhaps the real reason for maintaining a positive mental attitude is because thoughts become things – especially where you, me and everyone else is concerned.

Making Manifestation Work

As Mike Dooley observes, anybody who’s got $20 million in the bank can justifiably say or think everything they touch turns to gold.

But if you have nothing in the bank, you would have to be an absolute “spiritual maestro” to be able to say those things and act as if they were true. However, if you can hold on to that vision, hold on to that vision as your end result that is, and not lose faith in that vision, despite the reality the current state of your world, you can probably make $20 million manifest easily enough.

And manifestation’s a lot easier when you actually understand how it works, when you understand you don’t have to figure out the exact way in which your desired outcome is going to manifest.

You see, the universe has a particular way of operating, a way that will give you what you want when you do the right things in the right order. Knowing that makes it a lot easier to maintain your faith in manifestation.

Unfortunately, if you start behaving as though you do indeed have $20 million in the bank, and you keep telling people that (when you’re broke, that is!) somebody’s gonna want to get you medical attention. So only share these principles and ideas, and your visions and dreams, with people who unquestioningly support you and know you’re not crazy.

And of course the first thing you have to do is to decide exactly what you want your ideal life to look like.

So write it down, right here, right now. Think the change through and then write it down. What would your ideal life look like? Where would you want to be, who would you want to have in your life, how would you like to be living your life? Only you know the answer to these questions, and only you know whether or not you’re passionate enough about the vision to achieve it.

Manifestation and Change

Making Life What You Want

In this post I’d like to examine some of the things Mike Dooley, author of both Infinite Possibilities and Manifesting Change has to say about manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

Mike Dooley - master of manifestation
Mike Dooley – master of manifestation

In short, how can you take control of your life and what manifests in it?

Well, the basic principle at work here is “Thoughts Become Things”.

What this means is that the primal mover, the first principle, is “thoughts become things”. So if that’s true, if that’s a universal law, then you can probably grasp your power to make reality manifest.

When you engage in manifestation, you set forth an intention.

This can be done by thinking about something with intense desire, or forming a clear picture of something in your mind, there are certain spiritual and physical laws within the universe which instantly begin to operate.

These laws can arrange coincidences, serendipities, and what may look like mysterious events so that your thoughts literally become events, circumstances, people and things in your life.

Often people say to me, “But what if millions of other people are trying to manifest the same thing – or what if they’re trying to manifest something that conflicts with what I want?”

Manifestation is a natural, universal gift
Do we all hold the universe in our hands? Or just you and me?!

It’s an interesting question isn’t it? You see, the thing is most people on this planet aren’t really focusing on anything at all. They’re living their lives by default, and certainly not living in an active, consciously-creating way – not working at manifestation in the way that you are (or the way you are learning to).

And if that’s so, does the universe favors your wishes over everybody else’s?

No, not at all – but what it does mean is that the universe has the opportunity to bring your desires, when they are intensely felt, and clearly imagined, into being, simply because you are one in a very small number of people who are trying to change their reality.

Let’s face it: the harsh truth is that unless a person actually makes some effort to change reality, they are going to be the victim of circumstance – and that’s how most people live their lives. What they manifest, by the absence of conscious manifestation, by the absence of conscious co-creation, is disorder and chaos.

And if that sounds too dramatic, then please substitute the words “lack of fulfillment” and “aimlessness” and lack of spiritual purpose.

So: you don’t have to believe that you are actually part of the divine source, the infinite intelligence, the great mystery, or the cosmic consciousness (use your own words here for what some people call God) to make manifestation work.

Making things happen by manifesting them is an interesting phenomenon – and it is enough simply to be human and to know what needs to be done to make the whole process work.

You Are Already Manifesting Reality

As Mike Dooley rightly observes, no-one has to learn how to make thoughts become things: all you have to do is just look around yourself, right here, right now, to see how you are creating your reality all the time.

Mike describes an exercise in which he lists on a piece of paper, his “thoughts that have become things”. You can do it too – list your thoughts which have become things: your job, your relationship, your children, your work, your money situation… whatever it is.

Leave alternate lines blank, and in between the lines on which you’ve written the things you’ve already manifested, write those things you want in your life in the future.

As he explains, the simple act of associating prior successes at manifesting with the successes you wish to experience in the future will empower you and remind you that you’ve been here before… It will remind you that turning thoughts into things isn’t new and that there are no new tricks to learn. You already know how to do it. Or do you?

Could that be right? Could it be that you’re actually already a master of manifestation? That you don’t need to learn how to make your thoughts become things? Let’s find out.

Manifestation works from the endpoint backwards. In other words, you imagine the end point, your desired outcome, and this effect forces the causes which bring about manifestation. To put it more simply, you think about the endpoint, and this forces the manifestation.

So let’s have a look at what Mike defines as the three steps of manifestation:

Step one: define what you want as an end result.

Step two: physically move in the direction of your dreams. You don’t have to try and work out every aspect of how your dreams can manifest, but you do actually have to do something which demonstrates commitment to your chosen outcome.

Step three: the universe creates a brand-new manifestation.

Hmmm… that sounds very simple, doesn’t it? Yet if you think about it, most of it matches up to what we already know about manifestation and how we make things appear in our lives.

We start by envisaging the end result, and sometimes that’s just an image in the mind, and sometimes it’s a physical plan, but it’s always the result of a thought process. Everything that we have around us started as a thought in somebody’s mind.

Note that if you’re visualizing the endpoint to kick off a process of creation, you’re working outside the boundaries of time and space, because you’re effectively visualizing the endpoint before you’ve started the process of making it happen.

To put it differently: it isn’t your job to work out how your dreams will manifest, as long as you’re moving in that general direction.

In other words, you have to do something that demonstrates to the universe that you’re serious about what you’re trying to achieve. You don’t have to pay to attend to the small details. Those are the “cursed hows“, and most writers on manifestation agree that they are no concern of yours. The universe knows how to deal with them – indeed, it has to deal with them.

The cursed hows are no concern of yours
Get what you want, but don’t worry about how it will manifest

And remember that if you imagine your dream coming true in the future, that’s often where it stays! You have to live as though your dream exists right now for both your mind and the universe to respond to your expectations and desires.

The critical factor here appears to be that you see your new and desired outcome in your imagination as if you are living it right now.

If you want a new car, that’s the car that you see yourself driving, as you imagine a picture yourself in the driving seat, with the other details as you wish them to manifest played out: the car is owned outright, sitting in your driveway, shining, in the color of your choice… And so on. Dream your dreams!

Mike sets out an interesting idea: that only when YOU start from YOUR desired endpoint can the universe construct the sequence of events that leads up to that outcome.

And in saying this, he makes another interesting point – our brains are much too small to be able to deal with all of the invisible intricacies that make manifestation happen.

All we have control over is the end result, the thing that we’ve chosen.

This means that by necessity we have to focus on the end result, on our desired outcome, and we have to do so without even considering the “cursed hows” – in other words, the events that need to happen to make something manifest for us.

It’s an amazing thought, but it certainly seems logical. It certainly seems convincing. It certainly seems to fit with what most people writing about manifestation have to say on the subject. Here’s what Mike Dooley says….

Leveraging the universe for success.